How San Guillermo Project Persuade Investors

How San Guillermo Project  Persuade Investors

October 30, 2021 - Prague, Czech Republic  -  Dubbed as “San Guillermo” short for the San Guillermo Shopping Mall Complex, a project that is publicized by Noubikko, RPConnect’s CEO and San Francisco’s most outstanding Entrepreneur during the 80”s in California’s Silicon Valley. 

San Guillermo is a pandemic-driven project.  It is a community investment and a pandemic-driven concept that make investors giggles for its unconventional practicality and mastery.  Its effulgence, entrepreneurial, and very original according to Stanislaw Mares, editor of Business Economics, and Dr. Joanna Castillo, M.D. former UN Medical Consultant and now CEO of PowerFirm, a company that supplies most of the Mobile Clinic in the Philippines.

The San Guillermo Complex is a collage of mixed proven formulas which is taken into consideration that any marketing expert will agree with.  In the Czech Republic, according to Noubikko, the now-historical landmark built in 1881, the Narodi Divadlo or the National Theater was built from a nationwide effort with a marketing strategy that can also be compared with that of start-up companies in California’s  Silicon Valley in the ’80s.  The iconic landmark can be compared to San Guillermo of Laoag City.

Early Christian fathers since 270 AD, monasteries were built and there were no investors, Noubikko said. Then Benedict around 530 C.E. wrote the Rule on the observance of sustainability attuned to helping each other to survive, yet there were no grocery stores or wholesale food suppliers then. They had no one to rely on but themselves.  No Banks and no credit lines.  And yet monasteries and hospitals that were built still exist today.

All of the above have something to teach us.  What Covid ultimately did is open the doors for more avenues where many fortunes and valued experiences have been ignored.

By 2023,  Laoag, the people of Iloilo, and the entire planet are ready to take on their gloves and work in concrete terms to be in the race for the future.